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-On the platform, Noreen Renier is 'electric,' literally sweeping her listeners through multi-aspects of the mind. Her lectures dramatically and realistically demonstrate that everyone posses psychic ability!"

E. Ruth Van Appledorn
Retired Professor
University of Minnesota

Noreen Renier's engaging lecture and engrossing personal account of how she began her work on some of the many murder and missing persons cases she has been asked to investigate. This fascinating first-person true crime lecture brings the audience directly into Noreen's world---in which reliving emotionally shattering and physically violent experiences is part of the job---and underscores the humor and courage of this truly original woman. This police psychic will intrigue and entertain you.

From the offbeat---who killed the thoroughbred horse, and why?---to the extraordinary---becoming a missing airplane to locate its wreckage---to the horrific---re-living a young woman's rape and murder---the case histories, Psychic Investigator Noreen Renier will take her audience on a wild journey of suspense and discovery in a world where a pair of bloody eyeglasses, an earring, a dead horse's tail speak of rape, murder, and mayhem.

The Speaker...

Noreen LecturesNoreen Renier is not your run-of-the-mill psychic detective. Renier considers herself a born skeptic. But the sudden onset of her psychic abilities changed not only her beliefs but the course of her life and career. As she followed her new path to see where it might lead, she found herself with a remarkable career spanning more than two decades and still going strong. Her work helping distraught clients and police with dead-end cases has been the subject of numerous media stories, and her cases have been featured in television documentaries and true crime books. Her integrity has been backed repeatedly by FBI and police officials, and Court TV online recently called her "the most credible psychic out there."

The Presentation ...

Noreen LecturesNoreen can present anything from an hour-long lecture to an all day seminar. She is happy to present, among other things:

  • Spouses Programs
  • Luncheon Speaker
  • Crime Clinics
  • Seminars

Recent Lectures

Noreen Lectures
  • A.R.E. Virginia Beach Conference 2/ 25/07
  • Rhine Research Center, 6/16/06
  • International Remote Viewing Association Conference, 4/12/06
  • Illinois Coroners & Medical Examiners Association, 4/2/06
  • Virginia Festival of the Book, 3/4/06

Lecture Topics

  • ESP: An Awareness
  • Intuitive Thinking for Professionals
  • Understanding and Exploring the Psychic Experience
  • The Psychic Connection in Criminal Investigations
  • The Practical Psychic

The Comments…

"To explain to the logical and structured left brained person that the creative and untethered right brain even exists is like trying to explain Disneyland to someone who has lived all of their life underground. It is impossible to fully conceive of what one has never experienced. To many people, the idea of an emotionally and spiritually based method of communication with the world around us is terrifying, yet acclaimed psychic and author Noreen Renier continues to stand firm in her belief that anyone can become more aware of the psychic flow of energy that we live in."

- Diane Gremmel  

"I asked Noreen if she would come and address the Illinois Coroner's and Medical Examiner's Association at            their Spring meeting. We had worked with Noreen on a homicide case in our county and she was a great help to us. I felt it was important to let members of the Association know what a valuable tool a Psychic may be in  working those troubling cases. She was both informative and entertaining."

Marlene A. Lantz, Coroner McHenry County. 2007


    2006 Remote Viewing Conference Review

"Perhaps the most entertaining speaker of the conference....Psychic detective Noreen Renier.  Ms. Renier proved to be a natural public speaker, with an animated demeanor that rendered her already interesting subject matter absolutely fascinating. " 

       Adam Whte, Newspaper editor and screenwriter

       IRVA Member


"Your presentation is so polished, and your delivery so engaging. It has been a pleasure working with a speaker both so gracious and so professional. I do hope that our paths will cross again!"

Meredith Ann Pierce
Adult Services Program Liaison
Alachua County Library District Headquarters

"You captivated your audience, and frankly, they talked of little else while I was with them."

T. J. Kelly
State Farm Insurance Company
Charlottesville, Virginia

Interesting, rewarding, impressive and informative are only a few expressions to describe one of the most inspiring meetings during our tenure."

Betty Sims, Vice President
American Business Women's Association
Lynchburg, Virginia

I wanted to personally thank you on behalf of the National Association of Accounts for delivering an inspiring and thought provoking presentation to our members at our annual awards banquet."

Peggy L. Melvin, C.M.A.
Vice President, National Assoc. of Accountants

You made quite an impression on the group! I received the most feedback from participants on your presentation. They loved you, Noreen."

Max Suzennar, Jr., CHRE
Director, Human Resources
Buena Vista Hospitality Group

Your presentation at the convention was an overwhelming success and I feel enriched both personally and professionally for having met you."

Debra A. Moss,
Director United Fresh
Fruit and Vegetable Association

Your presentation on right brain processes as they relate to psychic ability and awareness was germane to our topic of left-brain/right-brain activities, and your discussion and demonstrations contributed to the participants' overall understanding and appreciation of WHOLE-BRAIN processes."

Clairette T. Murray
Training Specialist
Martin Marrietta, Orlando, Florida


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