A Private Reading with Noreen Renier

Instructions for a Private Reading With Noreen Renier

A private reading is an affordable, yet effective way to understand yourself and your direction. If you currently seek guidance or insight regarding your life path, relationships, health, business, or romance begin your journey of understanding with a personal telephone reading with Noreen Renier.

Be prepared for your reading.   You may ask as many questions as you want during your phone session.  Please send ten of your questions along with your hair, fee and  phone number:   45 min to 1 hour - $275

Lock of hair.  It is important to bag the sample or wrap the hair in aluminum foil.   DO NOT send your photo for this reading.  Ms. Renier as a warm-up exercise will describe your facial characteristics and tell you a little bit about yourself.

Use this time wisely.  We do not want to spend too much time in one area, I you have several concerns.  PLEASE if possible, tape record the phone session.  

By mail (using receipt request or certified mail) send a lock of your hair, taped at one end to either a piece of paper or an index card along with a list of 10 questions, (you may ask more questions during the session) and payment either US Bank Cashiers’ Check or Money Order to:

     Noreen Renier
     Phone: 407-313-7869

Noreen Renier makes no claim of being 100% accurate, nor does she claim to being able to read all people equally.  A reading consists of a group of impressions that are mere possibilities at this time.  You always have choices and are always free to make those choices, which may affect anything she may see today.  Remember: your future remains yours to decide.




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