FHM is Australia’s biggest men’s magazine – they deal with everything pertinent to a man’s life, from gadgets to girls, current affairs to relationships, fashion to entertainment and everything in-between.

They asked me to be in their magazine; gosh darn they wanted me with my clothes on. Read the interview here.

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Noreen Renier's engaging lecture and engrossing personal account of how she began her work on some of the many murder and missing persons cases she has been asked to investigate.  This fascinating first-person true crime lecture brings the audience directly into Noreen's world. This police psychic will intrigue and entertain you.

From the offbeat...who killed the thoroughbred horse, and why?...to the extraordinary...becoming a missing airplane to locate its wreckage...to the horrific...re-living a young woman's rape and murder...to the case histories, Psychic Investigator Noreen Renier will take her audience on a wild journey of suspense and discovery in a world where a pair of bloody eyeglasses, an earring, a dead horse's tail speak of rape, murder, and mayhem. 

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