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Psychic Detectives Are they for real?
A look at three of the nation's top psychics and the lawmen they worked with.

Psychic Noreen Renier likes to hold personal items belonging to a missing person, such as a belt. She then drifts into a trance to get a psychic reading on where the person is located. Reiner provided the clues that led Investigator Brian Hewitt and Police Chief Olin Slaughter of the Williston Police Department to an old phosphate pit where the body of Norman Lewis was found. READ MORE
~ Bob Lee - Law Officer Volume 4 Issue 8, 2008 Aug 1.

Going to Japan
Noreen Renier will appear on "Kaiki-Gensho SP", a 1.5 hour TV show aired exclusively for the Japan market that is broadcasted in Tokyo, Japan.

The show will feature psychic investigator Noreen Renier assisting in providing information regarding a "missing person's" case.

NTV invites Noreen Renier to Japan to work on a missing person case in October.READ MORE

Noreen Renier Appears at Barnes and Noble Book Signing
A huge crowd attended a recent book signing at Barnes and Noble to meet the author of A MIND FOR MURDER.

The book features the only psychic ever to lecture at the FBI Academy, Noreen Renier has assisted law-enforcement officials all over the world, working on more than 600 criminal cases. From the discovery and development of her unique talents to becoming a respected figure in the police community, this is the true account of Noreen Renier's remarkable life and career.

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