National Enquirer - April 29, 2003



Scott Peterson's mother hired nationally renowned psychic Noreen Renier
to help in the search for her missing daughter-in-law, Laci, then ordered the psychic
to withhold her bombshell report from police..Jacqueline Peterson's surprising
about-face came as suspicion fell increasingly on her son Scott.

Renier, who has assisted police in 38 states and lectured at the FBI Academy, spent hours on
the case. Her psychic visions -revealed on tapes obtained exclusively by the ENQUIRER -
indicated Laci was dead when she was driven from her Modesto, CA home last December,
and that she was weighted down with cement and dumped into a remote body of water.

But although Mrs. Peterson had hired her to help find Laci, when Renier called
to say she'd completed her 14-page report, she got a puzzling reception.

"I told Mrs. Peterson that as a matter of routine I would also be sending the report to
the police in Modesto," Renier told the ENQUIRER. "She seemed very nervous -
then, very abruptly, she told me her attorney didn't want me to do that. Her attitude
seemed to have changed since she hired me. She was a good deal less friendly."

Jacqueline Peterson had contacted Renier in January after learning of the psychic's
phenomenal success in working with difficult-to-solve cases.

"She wanted me to find her daughter-in-law," Renier recalled. "She sent me a check
for $450, but it didn't arrive. Then one day I got a call from a detective in Modesto
asking me why a check for $450 made out to me had been found during a search of
Scott Peterson's truck. I told Mrs. Peterson, and she sent me a replacement check.
It was obviously mailed by Scott - his return address is on the envelope."

At Renier's request, Mrs. Peterson sent the psychic personal items belonging to Laci.

"There was a Tommy Hilfiger shoe, size 6 medium, and a navy blue sweatshirt, size small,
with the logo of Laci's college - Cal Poly San Luis Obispo - on the front," Renier said. "I had
those items with me during the psychic sessions - and I held Scott's envelope at all times."

Incredibly, Mrs. Peterson denies any connection to Renier, or to her psychic search for
clues in the disappearance of Laci.When contacted by the ENQUIRER, Mrs. Peterson
denied hiring Renier and accused Modesto police of leaking the story.

Told that Renier was in possession of her personal check for $450, Mrs. Peterson said,
"She does not have a check from me. If you have a copy of the check you can print the story."

In her psychic sessions, Renier - guided by para-psychologist Dr. Joanne McMahon
- went into a near-trance, assumed the identities of both Laci and her killer
and made a number of shocking discoveries.

Scott told police that on Christmas Eve he left Laci around 9:30 am at their home in
Modesto as she was preparing to walk the dog, and he was heading out on a fishing trip.

But in taped transcripts of the psychic's sessions, Renier assumed the identity of
Laci and suddenly told Dr. McMahon, "I am in a vehicle. I back out of the driveway.
I feel a laying down and being put in (to the vehicle.)"

Renier revealed she was concealed under a rug or cloth- then loosed a thunderbolt.

"I am already dead," the psychic said.

"You're dead when you're in the vehicle?" Dr. McMahon asked.

"Yes," Renier confirmed, adding, "It's late. Late at night or going into the early morning."

Further into the chilling session, the psychic appears to merge into the person of the driver-
and says: "I'm putting her into the water with cement. It's around her. It's for her to sink."

As Renier returns in spirit to the Peterson house, where cops believe 27-year old
Laci was murdered, she sees the murder weapon - it could be a club or a bat.

"It is something you can hold in your hand and hit a person on the head," she said.

But most disturbing of all is the psychic's epiction of Laci lying beneath water.

"It has a fishy odor," said Renier, who then describes a grisly underwater tomb:

"I think I am at the bottom. I'm stationary....the water rushing past me."

In March Reiner e-mailed her report to Mrs. Peterson, who never acknowledged it. But
even without a client, the psychic found she couldn't drop the case- and held two more
sessions that were never reported to the Petersons. In the final session, on March 27,
aided by a second psychic guide, Sheri Enzor-Renier identified once again with Laci.

"We had an argument," she suddenly revealed. "I was going out and we had an argument,
there was pushing and yelling. He does have a temper and most of the time it is controlled."

Reiner's revalations were so disturbing that in the end, she and Dr. McMahon felt
compelled to send copies of her bombshell report to detectives hunting Laci's killer.

"Noreen's report was apparently not what Mrs. Peterson wanted or expected to hear, but I
thought it was my civic duty and useful information for the police to have, said the para-
psychologist, co-author of the book "Shopping for Miracles. They are in possession of
everything I've done, Reinier added. I just pray it helps them solve this awful crime.

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