Modesto Bee, April 10, 2003

Psychic investigator's help sought by Peterson


Laci Peterson's husband, Scott, hired a psychic investigator about three weeks after Laci disappeared, and the investigator turned over a report to Modesto police.

The psychic, Noreen Renier of Orlando, Fla., revealed in a brief interview this week that Peterson had contacted her about his wife. Laci Peterson has been missing since Christmas Eve; Modesto police on March 5 declared the case a homicide, though her body has not been found.

Jackie Peterson, Scott's mother, confirmed Wednesday that her son hired Renier, and said the hiring came about Jan. 16, when the volunteer search center closed.

"Scott is desperate to find Laci," Peterson said.

She confirmed that the psychic gave her report to police; she declined to talk about the report's contents.

Detective Doug Ridenour, police spokesman, would not comment on whether the Police Department had received such a report.

Renier's Web site states that in her psychic work "she touches objects the victim wore." Jackie Peterson said her son provided "personal belongings" of Laci's, but she declined to be specific.

Renier says on her Web site that she "believes that objects emit a field of energy which can be 'read.' This energy field carries information, images, visions, feelings, etc."

On her Web site, Renier states that she has been involved in more than 400 cases, working with police in 38 states and six countries. She cites "uncanny success" in finding missing people and says she has been a guest lecturer at the FBI Academy. The FBI did not return calls asking about Renier.

Laci Peterson's family called police to report her missing about 6:30 p.m. Dec. 24. Scott Peterson has told police that he last saw her at 9:30 a.m. that day when he departed for the Berkeley Marina for a fishing trip and she prepared to walk their dog at East La Loma Park.

Peterson, 27, was eight months pregnant at the time of her disappearance; her due date passed in mid-February.

Scott Peterson did not return phone calls this week. His mother said "he continues to work and look for Laci" -- and that includes putting up new posters.

Peterson, 30, is the California-Arizona sales representative for an international fertilizer company, Tradecorp.

His mother said he stays at his Modesto home when he is in the area, or with family or friends when he is on the road.


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