Court TV Online, July 22, 2004

The Laci Peterson Case
An interview with Noreen Renier, the psychic hired by Scott Peterson's mother

Court TV Host: We're about to start our chat with psychic Noreen Renier, who was hired by Scott Peterson's mother. Welcome, Ms. Renier.

Noreen Renier: Hello.

Court TV Host: Anything you'd like to say here that you didn't get a chance to say on air before we take questions?

Noreen Renier: I've been a psychic for 25 years. The Peterson case was the most unusual case I've worked on, because of the high visibility of it. Usually the police come to me two or three years, five years, as long as twenty years after a crime. No one knows I've worked on the case. So this is a most unusual case for me - the high profile.

Question from Tina: Hi Noreen, wanted to ask what date you did the first "reading"on Laci's items ?

Noreen Renier: The first case was March the 2nd. The second session was the 24th. And the last session was the 27th.

Question from Diana: Why would Scott kill Laci, he could have divorced her.

Noreen Renier: I think he didn't want to give money to Laci, didn't want to divorce her, didn't want to give away money from himself. Didn't want to have a child. Something's wrong with his mind absolutely.

Question from rasta-girl: What was Jackie Peterson's reaction to your reading? Was she in denial, angry, upset? And finally, were you upset that she denied having hired you?

Noreen Renier: She was upset, because it looked like I was implicating Scott, which I really tried not to. Of course she thought, how can anyone accuse her son? Of course. I wasn't upset she denied it, I wasn't at all. She was upset that she hired me, what with implicating her son. But I tried not to do that. I just tried to find Laci.

Question from niteowl27: Noreen, have you ever tried to contact the Rochas with your information?

Noreen Renier: I don't solicit. I do not solicit. People call me, they hire me. If the family hires me, I still work with the police. If the police hire me, no one knows I work on the case.

Question from rac: Do you think she was killed on the 23rd???

Question from abs: Could Scott have killed her on Dec. 23rd?

Noreen Renier: I don't give dates. I don't have an answer to that.

Question from SHAR: Do you think Laci was strangled?

Noreen Renier: When I worked on the case, I was hired to find Laci. I wasn't hired to find the killer. We weren't assuming that she was killed. I didn't tune into her being killed, but didn't hear her being strangled.

Question from abby_norm: Noreen Renier, what did you see or intuit regarding Scott and the murders?

Noreen Renier: It's awfully hard for people to understand that I can have a focused mind and do just what I'm hired to do. I was hired to find Laci Peterson. And that's what I did.

Question from Samsara: I think if my wife was missing I would give the psychic More than just one shoe and a shirt that is new.

Noreen Renier: Good for you. I usually ask for a hairbrush, a toothbrush, something that has her essence, her DNA. I really had to turn my mind and pretend I was a remote viewer, and just see where the target subject was.

Question from Heather: Question: How did Laci's body get in the water

Noreen Renier: He put her there, he put her in the water. I think she was in something when she was put into the water. I bet the body was contained when it was put into the water.

Question from silverfox: Was there any more information that you felt during the session with Scott's mom that you withheld from her?

Noreen Renier: I did withhold information from her. When the doctor, the questioner, asked me questions pertaining to Scott, something leaked through, and I did leave it out of the transcription.

Court TV Host: What information?

Noreen Renier: Very little, because when the questioner asked me about Scott, I tried not to say anything. I tried really, really hard. Because I wanted to be fair to Jackie and just find where Laci was, not who killed her.

Question from ladymckelley: Noreen do you believe that Scott had an accomplice?

Question from pema: Noreen, welcome, I have always felt that there has been an accomplice...what do you think?

Noreen Renier: I think if you felt an accomplice, he might have other personalities. I think he did this alone.

Question from katNtx: When you were talking to Catherine you mentioned you could not see the killer...how did you get to the point of knowing it is Scott?

Noreen Renier: That was in my other mode. My job was to find Laci. My instinct, my gut feeling, was that Scott was involved in his wife's killing.

Question from Laur: Norreen - Did Scott plan to kill Laci or was it out of anger that he killed her?

Question from ally_oops: What scenario do you see, that caused Scott to kill Laci?

Noreen Renier: I think there was a pre-meditated timing. I think at that moment, at that time, with the emotions going into that, I say 'pre-meditated'. We're dealing with a psychopath. He doesn't think like you and I do.

Question from sarah: Noreen, what does the Peterson family think of your speaking publicly and have you ever revealed publicly that you believe Scott is guilty before today?

Noreen Renier: I have no idea what the family thinks, and I've never spoken openly... before today.

Question from pluto: Noreen, do you think Laci was transported alive or was she already dead?

Noreen Renier: I always thought she was dead.

Question from BEAVIS: Did you get anything from the actual envelope with Scottie's handwriting?

Noreen Renier: I got everything from that envelope. Laci was dead. She couldn't see.

Question from Julie-A: Does Scott's mother truly believe in his innocence?

Noreen Renier: Absolutely, absolutely. She loves her son.

Question from cementanchor: Is it unusual for a family member of an accused murderer to hire a psychic?

Noreen Renier: He wasn't accused when I was hired, he was a suspect. I've had in the past - there was a double homicide in Albany, NY. A woman was on the phone with her mother when the mother and father were killed. After two years, I was hired to work on the case. I put her son in jail.

Question from KarenNY: Noreen, if Laci's Mom send you one of her daughter's items would you be willing to do another reading on Laci.. since Scott was not good in sending you something that was really worn by Laci???

Noreen Renier: Oh, of course. But it's so after the fact, it's too late. But of course I would have. It's too late now. There's nothing I can do now.

Question from Hal: Can you tell us anything about Mrs. Hacking's disappearance?

Noreen Renier: I'm not in touch with that. It's my job when I'm hired. When someone is missing, the police get thousands of calls from psychics or people who have visions or people who 'know where the body is'. When I started in Virginia, the police put all those calls to my phone line. And what I heard was, one person would say she's under the water. Another person would say, she's buried beneath cement. And still another would say, she's alive in Alaska. The police don't know which person is really psychic. Maybe your answer is right, maybe you ARE giving the right information. But they have thousands of various leads. Unless you can be so detailed - and if you're in the same state, go find her yourself. It just boggles their mind.

Question from sillyshoestrings: Is it possible that Scott Peterson hit Laci with a golf club and made her unconscious and then took her to the bay and drowned her?

Noreen Renier: I felt her dead when she was at the house.

Question from cementanchor: How did Scott's mother find you?

Noreen Renier: I have no idea. I had several queries before she actually contacted me.

Question from LaciFollower: NR, do you know if it was your word/work that pointed the authorities to looking at the bay to find laci?

Noreen Renier: I can't say that with any certainty. I just know things pointed there. And as I always say, I don't solve crimes, the police do.

Question from rxchick: Where are the anchors, and will you tell the police?

Question from Dutchie: Where are the anchors?

Noreen Renier: No one's asked me before where the anchors are. It's a good question, but no one's asked me to find them.

Question from venus29: Why did Jackie hire you?

Question from AZchick: Hi, Noreen. Why were you hired by Mrs. Peterson?

Noreen Renier: They wanted to find Laci.

Question from brenda: Can media reports influence your readings?

Noreen Renier: No. I see images in my head. I trust the images, the impressions I get in my head.

Question from sillyshoestrings: Is it hard being psychic?

Noreen Renier: Exhausting is a better word. You have to see with such great clarity, and not allow your logic into the session.

Question from dg: You said you didn't "see" who killed Laci in your session, yet you think Scott did it. What makes you think Scott is guilty?

Noreen Renier: I didn't want to see who did it during my session that Jackie Peterson hired me to do. But all my instincts, my intuition, give me no doubt that he did it.

Question from cecilia: Noreen, did you ever have a sense that someone Scott hired may have killed Laci?

Noreen Renier: No.

Question from Dutchie: Did you always suspect Scott, even prior to the readings?

Noreen Renier: That's a good question. I think the media suspected him. Or portrayed suspicion towards him. And I might have been influenced by that.

Question from ctvjunkie: How many cases have you helped the police solve?

Question from LaRue: Have you worked on other high profile cases we may recognize?

Noreen Renier: I'm not aware of working on other high profile cases, because after a year or two, they never tell me the full name of the victim. It's just Jane, Mary , Sam. And if it's high profile, it isn't by the time I work on it, because it's out of the news. I've worked on over 450 cases. I don't have feedback on every case. When the family's involved, they'll let me know. But when the police hire me, that's usually 70 percent of the time. But from the accounts, I've find people, I've put people in jail. If you look at Psychic Detectives on Court TV, you'll see some of my solved cases.

Question from LauraCA: Were any of the Peterson family attending during the reading?

Noreen Renier: No. Maybe I could clarify: when I work on a case, I don't let the family be in on the session. Sometimes, depending on the case, I'll let them be present for the second session. They all get transcripts and copy of the tapes.

Question from Helen: Have the police come back to you with any questions? Are you working on any other cases at present that you can tell us the identity of?

Noreen Renier: The Modesto police have not come back with any questions. I'm always working on crimes. They're not high profile. Like I said, this is a most unusual crime, with so many people wanting to know what I thought. But most of my cases you're not going to hear about.

Court TV Host: Any closing thoughts?

Noreen Renier: I've worked on cases for the last 25 years, using an artist to describe the bad guy. So many missing persons. It's difficult for me to remember or discuss my cases. So again, I want to say this an unusual case, the most unusual one in 25 years, because of the high profile.

Court TV Host: Thank you very much for being our guest today.

Noreen Renier: Thank you.


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