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Law Enforcement Officers working on Unsolved Homicides or Missing Persons:

A New Technique for Obtaining Clues on Involved Cases

The first time a law enforcement officer or agency uses my psychic ability as an investigative tool, I stress certain important techniques. Here's a summary, when carefully applied can enhance my psychic abilities.

  1. A psychic should be called into an investigation as a last resort, when traditional methods for solving a crime have been exhausted.
  2. I prefer not to know any details or personal background of the victim or the crime, other than the victim's first name and the type of crime. the less you tell me, the more I'll be able to tell you.
  3. I use psychometry, which is touching an object that the victim wore or the suspect left behind.
  4. Initially I try to see psychically what the victim looked like, or to recreate the scene of the crime. I do this for two reasons: to make sure I'm "tuning" in to the case, and to give the officer or agent confidence in me as a psychic. If this phase succeeds, we can continue with the case.
  5. Questioning, I've found that one's quality of questions affects how well I produce the targeted information. So, I ask that my client -- the assigned detective -- come prepared for the session. Know in advance what your objectives are. Think of a profile you want me to fill in -- information you consider helpful for identifying and/or locating a suspect or body or weapon or key witness.
  6. The way you phrase a question is critical to success. Leading questions are unproductive: such as "Is his hair black?" Was he driving a blue Ford?" Instead, ask "what color is the hair?". "Describe the car?"
  7. Do not ask yes or no questions. Questions should have directions and not merely need a "yes" or "no" answer. Helpful, too, is your feedback when you know I've accurately described something or someone.
  8. Try to refrain from immediately analyzing the data I relay to you. I view this part of the session as "raw fact"-gathering Extract as much information as you can; later, you can analyze the material to separate the wheat from the chaff.
  9. During the session, I'll use all five of my senses to a degree. Ask questions that will make use of these senses.
  10. It's important that our session be recorded. My answers then can be replayed repeatedly or transcribed to detect any information initially deemed unimportant or non-pertinent.

Working on Unsolved Crimes

ESP and psychic phenomena are not an exact science. There are many things yet to learn relating to police and psychics working successfully together.

Although I'm unable to guarantee the outcome of your particular case, rest assured I would give my full attention as well as my best possible efforts in assisting you. I stress the distinction that psychics don't solve cases -- police do! The images or impressions that I intuitively perceive can provide (and have provided) clues, new to an unsolved crime. In effect, I become an investigative tool, lengthening the long arm of the law.

In my 40-some years of service to the law enforcement community worldwide. I take pride in my numerous successes and accomplishments.

My standard fee for an hour session over the phone is $750. After you have gone over the information I provided you in the first consultation and if you feel the need for a second session to tie up loose ends, please call my office. A follow-up consultation should last approximately 45 minutes to an hour at no charge if it is within 2 months of the original consultation.

Your inquisitorial technique can carry substantial weight in our success because I see matters more abstractly than analytically when working a case. In that regard, you may find the attached explanation useful in further understanding and applying the psychic connection in your pursuit of unsolved homicide, rape, and missing-person cases.

I look forward to being of service to you and your agency.





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