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Although Noreen Renier is still conducting scientific testing and open to booking speaking events such as lectures, key speaker, and teaching appointments, etc., she is no longer available for private readings. She is also retired from crime and missing person investigations.

Noreen is grateful for the past opportunities and experiences she had working with extraordinary law enforcement individuals and being able to make a difference in helping as a tool in the process of solving crimes. Although that has been an integral part of her life, at this time, the physical toll of what that type of work entails would be too taxing for Noreen. After 46 years of incredible, adventurous journeys conducting readings and meeting utterly fascinating people around the world, it is time for Noreen to focus on enjoying relaxation and indulge in passion projects. She is also involving herself and putting her energies towards future projects which include movie, tv miniseries and documentaries.

Although she will not be assisting in private readings, she appreciates the challenges people go through at the deepest level. She wishes everyone good fortune, growth, happiness and fulfillment in their endeavors within this rollercoaster of life.

If you would like to contact Noreen for booking speaking events and/or movie-tv projects please contact her at the email address shown below.

EMAIL: noreen04@me.com

PHONE:   407 313-7869


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