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A New Technique for Obtaining Clues from Unsolved Crimes

In 1981, when Psychic Investigator Noreen Renier first lectured at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, her work with police detectives was considered controversial. Now, she is a well-known psychic detective who has worked on over 600 unsolved cases with city, county, and state Law Enforcement Agencies in 38 states and 6 foreign countries. She has a unique understanding of both the police and the paranorma

Noreen Renier has often stated a Psychic Detective should be called into an investigation as a last resort, when traditional methods have been exhausted. It's possible that Psychic Investigator Noreen Renier has a key for re-opening your dead-end cases.

She has an impressive track record and uncanny success in finding missing persons. Perhaps Psychic Detective Noreen Renier can help you find new leads for your unsolved cases. It is possible that the information she picks up could provide clues, or a different angle to your unsolved crime.

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Quotes and Testimonials

"Remarkably, the lost man's body was found EXACTLY where Renier said it would be! People scoffed at us for seeking out a psychic's help, but Noreen's input was quite incredible...even a bit spooky."

- Detective Sgt. John Buchholz of the Oxford, Ohio, police department told to The ENQUIRER.

"...She helpd to locate a plane containing the body of a relative of an FBI agent."

- Retired Special FBI Agent, Robert Ressler. Whoever Fights Monsters, St. Martin's Press, 1992

"Without Noreen Renier we would not have located Norman Lewis. I'm extremely impressed with her abilities. She told us things that she would have to have been an eyewitness to have known."

- Olin Slaughter, Chief of Police, Williston Police Department Williston Pioneer, June 27, 1996

"Noreen's incredible insight helped close our case by providing the macabre details of our victim's murder which, when presented to our suspect, caused him to negotiate a confession. She also identified two other accomplices to the crime."

- Joe Uribe (Montana DCI Agent - Retired)




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